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Value of the Month

Every month, we focus as a school on a different value which we feel is important to us all. 

Assemblies centre on each of the 'Values' which we hope will enhance the children's spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

 This year, the values covered will include: Community, Challenge, Safety, Celebration, Uniqueness, Dependability, Honesty, Service, Nature/Wonder, Healthy Living and Adventure.

We let parents know, via the Tadworth Times, what the value is (each month) so that they can talk about it at home. 


Value of the Month for November - Safety

What do the words catch, harness, helmet, blanket, pin, and valve have in common? Give up? You can put the word ‘safety’ in front of all of them to describe something that can help us. Every day there are a lots of things in life that are designed to keep us safe: fluorescent jackets when we are riding bikes, safety caps on medicine bottles, safety nets around a trampoline. If you are interested in outdoor sports you will need to learn how to stay safe: climbers rope up with a partner; walkers have a map and compass, food and water; mountain bikers wear helmets. If you like cooking, you will learn kitchen rules to make sure cooking your meal doesn’t start a fire or make someone ill! If you are at the beach you are wise to check signs telling you where it is safe to swim. Cyclists can undergo ‘Bikeability’ training; car drivers are required to follow the Highway Code and pedestrians follow the Green Cross code. All have safety at their heart. Safety is such an important value at Tadworth that we look at this topic every year. We believe that keeping one another safe is vital if we are to enjoy life’s

experiences to the full. One child lost or hurt is one child too many. The trouble is, safety can seem a teeny weeny bit dull, partly because if the equipment, advice and people involved in safety do their job well, there is no drama. No one gives a Road Safety officer an excited high five at the end of the shift because there were no accidents. You don’t see school staff polishing the fire extinguisher because there were no fires in the kitchen, again! School teachers are not given a bonus for managing to bring back every child safely from a school trip.

Safety equipment and safety rules are vital if we are to finish each week in good shape, but they only work if all of us use the equipment and rules well. You and I can either be on the side of safety or danger. If you see something around the school that has been left in the wrong place, you can tell an adult. If you see someone is behaving in a way that could endanger others, you can warn them. If someone doesn’t know what being safe is about you can show them.

No, it may not be very glamorous and may not get a mention in the Tadworth Times, but there’s many who’ve been to A and E or worse who wished there had been someone who valued safety around to prevent the accident. That person could be you.